Since 2004, les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo have held ten hooked rugs exhibitions throughout the Maritimes. The first exhibition, part of the 2004 World Acadian Congress, revealed the artistic potential derived from creating around a common theme. This approach has led to an explosion of multiple artistic expressions expanding upon the traditional technique of rug hooking and to the continuing growth of all the artists. 

Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo & Roussel (2014)

Created for the 2014 World Acadian Congress, this exhibition offers a special and moving tribute to Claude Roussel, artist and sculptor of international repute, born in Edmundston. This major exhibition presents more than thirty large hooked rugs inspired from non-exhibited works by Roussel.  Acadia of the Lands and Forests, the theme of the congress, is beautifully represented in a large collective mosaic. In addition, a sculpture created by Roussel and a tapestry by Danielle Ouellet highlight the porcupine of Madawaska. These works will be premiered at the opening of the World Acadian Congress 2014.

Les Hookeuses s’écartent… (2012)

Members of the group Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo chose to think outside the box and venture into the discovery of new techniques, new materials and unusual applications of this traditional art. This exhibition offers the public a novel variety of hooking, such as clothing, sculptural works and a large mosaic executed collectively by fifteen members of the group.

Symphonie en H majeur (2011)

In a swirl of colors and sounds, Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo presented their magnificent collection of original abstract hooked rugs inspired by music. Abstract art is the thread that united this exhibition composed of nineteen large hooked rugs. The composition of the works was largely influenced by an eclectic repertoire of music ranging from Elvis Presley to Debussy: a true symphony of colors.

Divine Church Windows (2009)

This major exhibition created for the 2009 World Acadian Congress is composed of seventeen mats which all take the form of a window of a church. These large hooked mats reveal the richness of the religious heritage of Acadia, the beauty of stained glass as well as incorporating features of the churches of the Acadian peninsula. 

Birds of Our Shores (2009)

This interesting exhibition was inspired by birds found on the shores of the Acadian Peninsula. The works are accompanied by a beautiful collection of birds carved in wood,   some sculptures incorporating the technique of hooking. 

Discover the Beauty of Peat Bogs (2009)

This unique exhibition of hooked cushions highlights plants and flowers found in the bogs of the Acadian Peninsula. 

Self-Portrait (2008)

Ten members of Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo exhibited their self-portraits, succeeding in capturing the essence of their individuality. A magnificent collection of thirteen hooked rugs provides an intimate portrait of the artists.

As I Was Walking… (2005)

This exhibition was born from the simple desire to capture the magic moments that occur during a daily walk. An interesting collection of fifteen hooked rugs portrays the dreams of childhood, memories and emotions, discoveries as well as travel souvenirs of members of the group. 

Masquerade at the Capitol (2004)

Acadia is known for its rich heritage of traditions and customs sometimes using masks, for example, the feast of La Chandeleur celebrated at mid-lent by the Acadians of Cape Breton or the celebrations of Mardi-Gras in Louisiana. Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo have created twenty colorful masks using the technique of rug hooking.  Some masks were made in three dimensions, thus creating an unusual application of this traditional art form. 

Rugs Have Their Stories (2004)

Highlighting the 400th Anniversary of l'Acadie in 2004, the group Les Hookeuses du Bor’de’lo in collaboration with the school program GénieArt / ArtSmart co-developed a project with young students inspired by tales, legends and songs of Acadia. This intergenerational exhibition is composed of forty-seven small hooked rugs derived from forty-seven watercolors done by the children. 


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